Как получить максимум от сервиса

Our key clientele

There are three major client types on our website: bloggers, aspiring entrepreneurs and wholesale customers.
Let’s figure out how our website accommodates the needs of these clients.

These are the ones who create content professionally and understand that it takes regularity and consistency. If a video gets a grand amount of likes right after it was uploaded it will be featured in recommendations and will most likely end up in the trending section. To achieve that we offer you our social media page tracking service: our robot automatically checks on your account to track any new publications and creates likes or reposts tasks as soon as it finds something new. We recommend that you put daily limits on your new tasks (100-200 likes/subscriptions per day) to show a gradual audience growth.

Aspiring entrepreneurs.

Initially these clients don’t usually have a vast audience. First and foremost we advice that they create some content for their account. That is because surely we could offer you as many subscribers as you like. However, if your account only has one publication, these subscribers most likely won’t become your first customers.
So, first things first: you create 5-6 publications and we help you get 2-3 thousand subscribers. That is when your account will become appealing to your future clientele. Than you might try ordering reposts on selected publications in order to give your page more visibility among your would-be clients.

Wholesale customers.

The main concern for these clients is our pricing.

That is exactly why we made our discount schedule transparent, comprehensible and, most significantly, automatic.

What influences the speed

For most orders the speed is determined automatically and is based on parameters you set. The parameters are the following:

1) Initial popularity of the account.

Eg. Let’s imagine your account has 12 subscribers. If one day you order 20k new subscribers, in the best case scenario only half of them will stay because the social media will most likely unsubscribe the rest. Therefore our recommendation is the following:
100-200 subscribers per day up to the first thousand.
200-300 subscribers per day up to 8K.
300-500 subscribers per day up to 15K.
We could start gradually accelerating the speed from there.

2) The amount of tasks that we offer to our users.

The thing is that some social networks keep careful track of their users’ behaviour to detect 'fake' action. Therefore we have to limit the amount of tasks we offer to our users to perform.
Eg. A social media blocks users’ accounts and annuls their activity if they like more than 10 publications per day. That means that our assumed 10,000 users won’t be able to like more than 90,000 publications.
That is why we might have to to refuse cooperation to clients seeking to get '100K likes by this evening'. We strive to maintain the quality of our services and long-term cooperation.

One and only service provider

We advice that you choose one advertising services provider for every publication, channel and video. The thing is that if you use more than one service provider (if you use other service providers beside vktarget.ru) you run a much higher risk of having your activity annulled or your account blocked. In this case we disclaim all responsibility and all financial guarantees.

No bots, only humans

Vktarget.ru only cooperates with real users. We have never resorted to the use of bots. We collect diverse data on our users and block accounts that run automated scripts to complete tasks.
Nevertheless, we don’t check users’ profile information for accuracy and rely solely on data they put on their profiles. Some users create separate social media accounts to complete tasks on vktarget.ru. That, however, doesn’t make them bots or fake users.

Refund guarantee

By default all orders are fully refundable. We carefully watch the quality of our work and consistently update our algorithms to maintain the high service quality.
However, we disclaim our financial guarantees in case of wilful misconduct of the User Agreement or circumvention of automatically set limits.
An example of that is initiating tasks with invalid links (to a private account or to a third party website) or with fraudulent content as well as creating multiple tasks at once to accelerate the speed of one particular order completion.

Скорость выполнения заказа

Social networks keep a close eye on channels and profiles that show rapid audience growth. That’s why we always gradually increase the speed. All necessary parameters are set automatically while the task is being created.

Скидки и промокоды

У нас прозрачная система скидок для рекламодателей с увеличивающейся скидкой в зависимости от объема средств, которые вы тратите в месяц. Ознакомиться с ней вы можете в разделе "Тарифы". Новые цены применяются на вашем аккаунте автоматически в течение суток после выполнения необходимых условий для получения скидки. Также при оформлении заказа вы можете воспользоваться промокодом, который дает вам право на скидку от стоимости заказа. Скидка от промокода не суммируется со скидкой на вашем тарифном плане, но всегда выбирается наиболее выгодное предложение. Например, у вас есть промокод на скидку 25%, а по вашему тарифному плану уже есть скидка на 37,5%. В этом случае при оформлении заказа будет учтена скидка тарифного плана, а скидка промокода будет проигнорирована.

Оптовые предложения

Для вашей экономии мы можем предложить оптовые предложения, с помощью которых вы можете заказать большой объем подписчиков или лайков. Мы не обязываем вам использовать весь пакет на одну ссылку, и вы можете разбить его на 2, 3 или более ссылок.